5GMF Millimeter Wave Dissemination Promotion Workshop Frontline of Japanese Industrial Technology Vol: 1 "Electronic Components / Murata Manufacturing Co.

Posted on 12/18/2023

5GMF sponsored "Frontiers of Japanese Industrial Technology" will start.

5G (5th Generation), especially Private 5G and Local 5G, as well as millimeter wave in the 28 GHz band among them, are extremely sophisticated and at the same time highly democratic networks that can easily reflect requests from enterprise users. At the same time, this means that the telecommunications industry itself needs to learn about cutting-edge industrial technology trends in various industries and their future prospects. This year's "Japan's Industrial Technology Frontiers" is planned as a series of seminars in which engineers and producers from leading companies in various industries that boast the world's most advanced industrial technologies will speak directly to engineers and business producers involved in the telecommunications business about the details of their technologies and future prospects. In the first session, Mr. Hideki Ueda, Principal Researcher of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which demonstrates the value of its unique electronics technology in various fields such as consumer, medical, FA, and infrastructure, will talk about the company's technology strategy outlook and the cutting edge of its R&D activities.

Outline of the event

Event Name
5GMF Millimeter Wave Dissemination Promotion Workshop
Japan's Industrial Technology Frontline Vol: 1 "Electronic Components / Murata Manufacturing Co.
Industrial & Communication Engineers Talk
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 19, 2023, 13:00 - 16:00 (Registration starts at 12:30)
Participation and Venue
(all free of charge)
Local (in Japanese)docomo R&D OPEN LAB ODAIBA(Tokyo Teleport Station, 3 min. walk) to the event.If you wish to participate, please click here.(first 100 people) and a Zoom webinar to be held at the same time (webinar).If you would like to participate, please click here.
subject (of taxation, etc.)
Network Engineers, IT Architects, Business Producers, Business Development (BizDev) personnel
5th Generation Mobile Forum (5GMF)


Session1 13:10-14:50

Murata's goal of innovation contributing to the development of culture / Contribution to society through millimeter wave technology

Murata's electronic components are used in all kinds of electronic devices around us, such as TVs, PCs, and smartphones, and have contributed to the realization of affluent lifestyles. Murata will continue to be an innovator in the expanding field of electronics, including communications, mobility, environment, and wellness. Murata has developed surface acoustic wave filters (SAW filters), high-frequency modules, plastic multilayer substrates (MetrosarkTM), and connectivity modules in the communications field, and at this event, Mr. Uozumi, general manager of the Uozumi Department, will talk about "Murata's goal of innovation contributing to cultural development" and At this event, Mr. Uozumi, General Manager of the Uozumi Department, will talk about "Murata's innovation that contributes to cultural development" and Mr. Ueda, Principal Researcher, will talk about "Murata's social contribution through millimeter wave technology".

Mr. Satoshi Uozumi General Manager (left), Murata Manufacturing Co.

Hideki Ueda Murata Manufacturing Co. principal researcher(Photo right)

Murata Manufacturing Co.
Session2(Discussion) 15:00-16:00

Cutting Edge of Communication Technology :Accelerating Millimeter Wave Penetration ~Popularity and Effects of Millimeter Wave Communication Modules

5G millimeter wave is not of a nature to provide uniform nationwide coverage. It is best suited to densely populated areas or places with many communication devices (stadiums, train stations, event venues, etc.) where high speed and high capacity are needed in a small area. The fact that radio waves do not fly beyond the necessary range also makes it ideal for factories and hospitals, where robust security is required. It is also an excellent match for local 5G used in closed areas. However, millimeter wave area expansion, the spread of millimeter wave compatible terminals, and the increase in millimeter wave use cases are still in their infancy. Therefore, the 5th Generation Mobile Forum (5GMF) launched the "Millimeter Wave Deployment Promotion Ad Hoc" in January of this year to analyze the current situation and study countermeasures. The results were compiled into a white paper, the first edition of which was released in March and the second edition in July.You can download it here(Japanese only). In order to further promote the spread of millimeter wave, we have planned this series of events. In this event, we would like to accelerate the social implementation of millimeter wave by having experts from various industries explain the future prospects, discuss the possibilities of millimeter wave utilization and measures for millimeter wave social implementation based on them, and expand the human network between our industry and people from various fields. We also hope to accelerate the social implementation of millimeter wave by expanding the human network of our industry and people in various fields.

Mr. Takehiro Nakamura CSO, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.(Chief Standardization Officer)(Photo left)

Mr. Masakazu Shirota General Manager, Standardization Division, Qualcomm Japan G.K.(Senior Director, Technical Standards)(Photo right)

NTT DOCOMO, INC. / Qualcomm Japan K.K.
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