Business Development

We provide know-how to promote business development through collaboration between industrial and communication technologies (BizDev = Business Development). We will also explain how to identify issues from overseas trends, how to create a learning organization, incentive design for engineers, intellectual property rights, specific methods of technology marketing, how to utilize management theories and frameworks, and finance as typified by CVC (Corporate Venture Capital). We also plan to explain about finance, as represented by CVC (Corporate Venture Capital).

Let's observe a "piece of the future" that is budding as a result of an encounter between science and design.
Explore R&D stories from the art/design field

The art/design field seems to be an extremely high hurdle if you don't have a connection with it. I have had the bittersweet experience of saying to someone I have just met, "My hobby is art appreciation," only to be met with a wallflower of a comment, "'re a noble man..." I have had many bitter experiences in the art/design field.

There is no clear-cut correct interpretation of a work.
Explore R&D stories from the art/design field

In this series, we plan to introduce "museums that engineers should visit" at the rate of about one per month, but before that, here is a brief explanation of why engineers should visit museums...

ETSI reports on use cases for terahertz bands, including "in-flight and on-train entertainment" and "cooperative mobile robots.

On April 5, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) released two reports on the development and availability of 6G technology...

List of items to consider in business development

This page provides a table of contents for the business development category of TeleGraphic. We plan to publish detailed explanatory articles on the various items listed below, but there is a possibility that large "chapters" themselves will be added or modified...