What is TeleGraphic?

In preparation for the commercialization of 5G, the 28 GHz millimeter wave band has been allocated in a wide bandwidth of 400 MHz per operator, along with the 3.7 GHz and 4.5 GHz sub6 frequency bands, and the 4.7 GHz band has been allocated for local 5G for spot use in limited areas by local companies and local governments. Millimeter wave has a wide bandwidth of 400 MHz per operator. Millimeter wave, with its wide frequency bandwidth, is expected to contribute to the creation of new services in various industrial fields as a state-of-the-art communication technology that is positioned as the "core" of 5G, including ultra-high-speed, large-capacity, and low-latency communications, one of its features. In addition, since millimeter waves can be positioned as a prelude to terahertz waves (6G), which will come next, the introduction of millimeter waves at this time may directly lead to continued social development, industrial promotion, and a sustainable society in the near future.

Millimeter wave is a leading-edge telecommunications technology that represents the telecommunications industry. Needless to say, there are many other industries that have cutting-edge technologies and facilities that are on the verge of social implementation or have already been implemented (Japan, in particular, boasts the quality and quantity of cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing industry that have attracted much attention from overseas). We believe that collaboration between the most advanced technology in telecommunications (millimeter wave) and the most advanced technology in each industry will lead to the creation of new businesses, and that millimeter wave can update the most advanced technology in other industries with higher added value. However, we believe that it is necessary for engineers/business producers in the telecommunications industry to learn the details of cutting-edge technologies and business models in other industries, and it is also necessary for the industrial technology side to correctly understand the characteristics of telecommunications technologies represented by millimeter wave.

TeleGraphic" will start as a platform to link the collaboration of cutting-edge communication technology represented by millimeter wave and cutting-edge industrial technology to new business creation. It is also a media for organic collaboration between engineers/business producers on both sides of telecommunication and industrial technologies. For this reason, articles and events on "TeleGraphic" will basically be organized around the three axes of 1) the cutting edge of telecommunications technology, 2) the cutting edge of industrial technology, and 3) business development. At the same time, "TeleGraphic" is aEnglish versionis also now open to the public. We believe that we can make a small contribution as a platform for technology marketing of Japanese telecommunication/industrial technologies to overseas markets.

XGMF Millimeter Wave Dissemination Promotion Ad Hoc (TeleGraphic Editorial Team)